Saturday, January 9, 2010

NVIDIA GeForce driver 19x.xx PhysX mod v1.01 (Win7 x86/x64)

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Since version 186.xx official NVIDIA drivers for the GeForce family of graphics accelerators is locked to hardware acceleration of physical
effects-based software system PhysX, if the card is used as the primary decision made by another manufacturer (eg, AMD / ATI or VIA/S3Graphics).
Today, several different video cards in the system unit is no longer considered a luxury - in the operating system
Windows 7 architecture WDDM 1.1 install multiple graphics drivers under the force of any user.
This mod is designed to unlock the hardware acceleration for NVIDIA video cards under Windows 7. Powered by driver versions 190.xx and 191.xx.

In spite of the fact that Nvidia Corp. once promised to enable processing of physics effects made using PhysX application programming interface (API) on any graphics processing units (GPUs),
the company recently started to disable PhysX support on systems that use non-Nvidia graphics cards for rendering and Ageia PhysX or Nvidia GeForce processors for physics effects computing.
This mod will enable hardware PhysX support for NVIDIA GPU, when non-NVIDIA GPU is used as a primary display device. It is intended only for WDDM 1.1 OS (Windows 7).

NVIDIA GeForce drivers


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DepositFiles - 2.39 MB