Saturday, January 9, 2010

AD Stream Recorder v3.3.1

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AD Stream Recorder -- a small program that allows you to make recordings while visualizing what is happening in the form of diagrams. The program will help to capture the record from the Internet, audio from movies and music, which reproduce the popular media players for Windows, as well as any sound coming from your sound card to MP3 and WAV. Visual representation in real-time input sounds at the time of recording will give you the opportunity to maintain their high quality.


AD Stream Recorder is a sound record program for Windows. It can digitize, visualize and record any signal connected to your sound card as well as live streaming audio including the Internet radio played by the most popular media players into MP3 and WAV format. Real-time sound visualization while monitoring and recording enables you to adjust the audio source level and make high quality recordings. AD Stream Recorder features include sound clipping detection, record control with hotkeys, build-in player.

Here are some key features of "AD Stream Recorder":
• Waveform and spectrum monitoring in real-time
• Hot switching of the working audio source
• Sound clipping detection
• Record control with hotkeys
• Support MP3, WMA and WAV format
• Convert WAV to MP3
• Built-in player
• File list window and ID TAG editor

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Size: 1,40 MB

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