Monday, January 11, 2010


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AccStats is a small free Microsoft Access database program for people that use the Fluid Dynamics free AXS perl script for tracking website traffic and hits.

AccStats can be used to query, convert, import, export and keep a master database of all hits in the AXS log.txt file.

You can also use this utility to create nicely formatted, printable reports through the standard Microsoft Access report module.


Microsoft Access 97 or 2000.

If you are using Access 2000... you must add a reference to the DAO 3.5 object library by simply clicking on one checkbox within Access, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q202192 for instructions.

Failing to do this will result in errors like: "Compile error: Can't find project or library" or "User defined type not recognized" etc.

Tested with AXS Script Set Versions: to

Key Benefits

  • Import - Import Axs log.txt file. AccStats ensures not duplicate hits can be imported so it's safe to import any log at any time.
  • Export - Export to comma separated text, html or back to Axs format for the entire database or select a specific date range.
  • Enter and keep track of spiders - AccStats comes with a list of 327 known spiders, you can easily add to or edit this list. This list is used in queries to show things like most recent visit by each unique spider etc.
  • Queries - There are many queries that come with AccStats and you can easily add your own. There are 17 different queries that come with this release.


AccStats is released as is.

As a free utility, we do not provide any support


Thank you to Zoltan for permission to publish this utility and for help with the AX-Stats logfile format.


Version 1.0 Access 97 version setup.exe

Version 1.0 Access 2000 version setup2k.exe