Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Socusoft Web Video Player 1.20

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Socusoft Web Video Player 1.20
Socusoft Web Video Player 1.20 | 21.97 MB

SocuSoft Web Video Player is a software designed for creating web videos with an embedded player which can be placed directly into the webpage.

As an all-in-one player, SocuSoft Web Video Player is integrated with several key components: flash video (FLV) player, video converter and web video generator. You can watch FLV videos in the mode of "Themes" of this program or using the integrated component -- video converter. The integrated video converter is a powerful tool for playing and converting videos. It accepts video files in a variety of formats, helping you to convert videos to FLV format for web video player. The component of web video generator makes it easy to create web videos to be watched on a website. A video player is embedded with the video into the webpage.

SocuSoft Web Video Player enables you to create web videos easily. Only three simple steps are needed. They are "(1) Video", "(2) Themes" and "(3) Publish". In the window of "Video", you may go to edit menu and choose "edit video file properties" to edit the property of your video file such as title, description, target URL and the thumbnail image. In the window of "Themes", there are different styles of player templates for you to choose.

The setting panel allows you to manage your media files in your requirements efficiently. You can customize the parameters such as video size, play mode, and color settings for your video to match the style of your website or blog. In the window of "Publish", you may publish your video which will be embedded with a web player to control the play mode. The program generates web videos very fast. It is also convenient to get the output files which include html, xml, swf and relevant folders.

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